Remaining Channel One schools watch show online, if at all.

August 7, 2014

From Jim Metrock:

In the “good old days” Channel One News could make money by selling ads on its in-classroom TV show.  Channel One loaned schools the TV sets to watch and could threaten to remove them if students didn’t watch the show and its commercials.  That threat was the main reason schools allowed Channel One News to waste so much of their school time for so many years.

Channel One is currently polling visitors to its website asking them how they watch the program.  It seems most viewers are now watching online.  If these viewers are in schools paying a subscription fee to Channel One, that may not be too bad for the company.  I imagine the few remaining schools that think Channel One News is worthwhile are simply watching a few videos on  Watching Channel One from their website is free and has none of the commercials that students see on classroom TV sets.

This may mean even more bad news for Channel One’s revenue stream (trickle).
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