Parkway High snags another honor, wins Wastin’ Time and Tax Dollar$ award

January 12, 2015

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From Jim Metrock:  

Our Wastin’ Time & Tax Dollar$ Award is back and Parkway High School in Bossier City, Louisiana is our first winner for 2015.  

Congratulation to Dr. Nichole Bourgeois the principal of Parkway High, and her Board of Education members Billie Jo Brotherton,  Brad Bockhaus, Frank Kelly, William Lott, Michael Mosura, Glenwood Bullard, J.W. Slack, Kenneth Wiggins, Eric Newman, Sandra Darby, Shane Cheatham, and Dennis Bamburg Jr., and D.C. Machen, Jr. the district superintendent.

Dr. Bourgeois appears to be alone among her fellow seven high school principals in her district. None of the others waste time showing the commercial-driven Channel One TV show.  Dr. Bourgeois appears to be unaware of Channel One’s donation of all their TVs and other equipment to schools.  Dr. Bourgeois like many administrators may have once been frighten to suspend the showing of Channel One’s TV show for fear of losing the TV equipment.  That is no longer a concern anymore, but this high school principal may not have gotten the memo. Earth to Dr. Bourgeois, it’s 2015, you don’t have to continue showing commercials to your students. You can convert that time to academic time at Parkway.

There is only one person who will be upset if Parkway stops showing Channel One News and that would be Linda Zecher the CEO of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt the owner of Channel One News. She is counting on the ad revenue from Channel One News to help contribute to HMH’s revenue.

Note:  By winning the Wastin’ Time and Tax Dollar$ Award, Parkway will be awarded $250 with the only qualification being that the school board will allow Obligation, Inc. no more than five minutes to publically discuss the award and to present the award and the cash prize to Dr. Bourgeois or the Superintendent at a regularly scheduled school board meeting. 



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Note:  Parkway High allows 5 minutes of “passing time” between each block period.  Therefore they allow 10 minutes between the 1st and 2n block for the showing of the 12-minute Channel One News.



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