California school district rejects Skoollive kiosks

October 17, 2015

Another school district rejects controversial Skoollive digital billboards.

“unanimously rejected a proposed contract with Skoollive, LLC”

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From Jim Metrock:  Congratulations to the Hemet Unified School District Board of governors for saying “no thanks” to the youth marketing firm Skoollive.  School districts who do their research will make the same decision as this California school district.Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.03.59 PM

From the Idyllwild Town Crier:

There was no discussion of this agreement before its approval, but the board discussed and unanimously rejected a proposed contract with Skoollive, LLC.

SkoolLive provides media placement and management services to educational institutions primarily through a digital interactive kiosk system and licensed software for the promotion of all regularly and specially scheduled school district’s school events on their campuses, as well the promotion of age appropriate, non-objectionable products and services offered by select third party manufacturers and retailers. The third party promotional content displayed on the kiosk system generates revenue which is shared between SkoolLive and  the school district.

Skoollive would provide HUSD with 20 percent of the revenue and there is no cost or expense to the district or its school sites.

Board member Jim Smith immediately objected and colleague Joe Wojcik agreed.

“I’m against this. I came from an area where they would put televisions in schools and run commercials,” Smith stated. “I don’t think schools are the place for this.”

Wojcik added that his research uncovered that HUSD would receive 20 percent of the net revenue, which would be significantly less than gross revenue due to the many deductions including content, software, the kiosks and overhead. Further apparel sales would not contribute to the revenue collection.

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