Schools continue to say “No!” to Skoollive.

November 10, 2015

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Plattsmouth School Board Votes Against SkoolLive Kiosks

November 9, 2015

PLATTSMOUTH – The Plattsmouth Board of Education had some concerns about new kiosks that had potential to raise money for the school.

The SkoolLive digital kiosks were going to be used to promote school activities and provide third-party content on goods, products and services.

Board President Ken Winters voted no on the issue.


“From the sense I got from the discussion, it’s more of a concern for those kiosks, the advertisement on them in competition with some of our local businesses,” said Winters.

Some of the major issues with SkoolLive was the fact that they would be the sole and exclusive provider of media placement and management services, and the contract was going to be for four years. The board felt that was too long. The kiosks were voted down by a vote of five to three.

[Click on this link and check out the audio file of Ken Winters, the school board president, talking about one reason why Skoollive was not welcome in his school district.]

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