From the archives: Drugs, Sex, and Channel One News

March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016

Note:  Channel One News has a long history of advertising movies and TV shows that normalize and even glamorize teen drinking and teen drug use.  Search for  “drugs” and “teen drinking” on this site and you will be nauseated by what Channel One and its advertisers put in front of American teens and preteens.

Channel One has lost its audience in part because of its reckless advertising.


January 14, 2001 – Drugs, Sex, and Channel One News


Drugs, Sex and Channel One News

Check out the latest outrage from Channel One.

A “funny” movie about two “pot-heads” who get so “stoned” that they don’t know what girl they had sex with, what strip bar they went to, what they did with a transvestite the night before, or where their car is.

This movie glories and normalizes marijuana usage among young people. It was HEAVILY advertised on Channel One in December 2000.

“Channel One is acting against the desires of most parents. Channel One’s Jim Ritts, Paul Folkemer and Primedia’s Tom Rogers and Jeff Ballabon are no friends of parents and students when they pocket big bucks pushing this cultural rot on our children. They are hurting the efforts of parents who are trying to teach their children that drugs are not acceptable. When it comes to Channel One, schools need to just say ‘No'” said Jim Metrock.


Check out the pro-drug movie Channel One HEAVILY promoted in your child’s classroom. “Dude, Where’s My Car?” (PG13 Drug Content, Profanity, Sexual Situations including numerous verbal and sight references to oral sex) Your child was shown repeated commercials for this filthy, “drugs are cool”-movie because Dr. Paul Folkemer and the staff of Channel One News thought the movie was acceptable for children.


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