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October 12, 2016

No, this image has nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan. This is the new logo for the kiddie marketing firm called SkoolLive.



SkoolLive On Forefront Of School Communication, Parent Engagement

Program Partners with 150+ Schools To Facilitate Voting, Shoutouts, Enhanced Messaging

SAN DIEGOOct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SkoolLive, an innovative direct digital kiosk system installed in 150+ schoolsnationwide, today announced enhancements to augment school-to-student and parent-to-student communication. With more than 267,000 students in its network, SkoolLive’s kiosk is an interactive notice board with high definition capabilities that enables communication with students in a revolutionary way at ZERO COST to the school, the district or parents.

“The SkoolLive platform has created a progressive kiosk technology and proven beneficial in bringing engaging technology that is appealing and valuable to students while controlling the flow of information from school staff into one central location,” said SkoolLive Founder & CEO George Bruton.


  • Live Campus Voting –students can vote on numerous topics (student elections, homecoming king/queen, etc.).
  • Shoutouts – Family and friends can send digital ‘shoutouts’ via the kiosks (birthday, good luck, etc.).
  • SkoolLOOT –The program kicks off with the December sweepstakes, offering a $5,000 home technology package and $5,000 for the winner’s school.

“As a district that is fully engaged in technology with one-to-one laptops for grades 4 to 12, the SkoolLive kiosks are a perfect visual communication device for students and parents,” said Tucson Public Information Office Director Mary Veres. “Our students and staff love the kiosk as a communication tool because of the ease of designing our own content, and the increased engagement of our students.”

The Kiosk
SkoolLive is the first platform of its kind to disseminate information on a closed and proprietary network. SkoolLive designs and assembles the digital kiosks exclusively in its San Diego, CA, facility. SkoolLive’s software was devised by Bruton, who saw the need to digitize information to appeal to a generation bred almost exclusively on technology.

The kiosk is a 60-inch, high-definition digital screen installed in high traffic areas on a school campus. The center screen publishes school announcements – tryouts, activities, etc. – while the top and bottom banners of the screen feature opportunities for partners to support the schools and provide exposure to students.

Responsible Marketing
SkoolLive has very stringent methods of checks and balances to ensure transparency and responsible marketing. The SkoolLive network is 100 percent SOPIPA (Student Online Personal Information Protection Act) compliant, and requires all its partners to be as well.

For more information, visit or call 858-435-7700.

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