Math problem for kids out of school.

June 27, 2017

From Jim Metrock:

Hey kids, Channel One News is basically closed down for the long summer, but I have an idea how we can squeeze some value out of their dismal website.

So I go to Channel One’s website this morning and I see this poll they want visitors to take.  The results of the poll are of little value, but it does present a nifty math problem for any of you so interested.

Problem:  I voted “Yes” and only after voting, does Channel One show me that the  Yes votes = 21.43%  and the No votes = 78.57%

I then voted the second time. (Channel One News allows anyone to vote as many times as they want on any poll, therefore making their polls absolutely worthless, but that’s another story.)

After I voted “Yes” for the second time, the results are now: Yes votes = 26.67% and No votes = 73.33%.

Question: How many people had voted on Channel One’s poll before I voted the first time?

The answer will be at the very bottom of this article.  Keep in mind that Channel One News claims to have nearly 5 million students in its audience.  Channel One also claims that over 90,000 “like” their Facebook page.  This poll had been on Channel One’s website for several weeks, so one can expect the answer will be a fairly large number. (Sarcasm alert.)

Do the math and check below to see how well you did.









































































Answer: 13




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