July 5, 2017: No news from Channel One News for a month!

July 5, 2017

From Jim Metrock:  This is the saddest summer in memory for the “journalists” at Channel One News.

There are no news reports, no video news reports, no headlines.  Channel One News has completely abandoned the youth they claim to serve. Years ago, Channel One would at least copy and paste a few AP headlines on their site, but that’s too much work for them nowadays.

Channel One does occasionally feature videos on their homepage, but the videos have nothing to do with current events.  These videos are just patched together footage that had been shown earlier in the school year.

Here is a screen shot of today’s pathetic video from Channel One.

Old pop quizzes from the 2016-2017 school year, wow.

The executive producer for Channel One News is a mysterious woman named Angela Hunter.  She is in charge of what 2 to 3 million students see on Channel One News during the school year.  That makes her an very important person in many children’s lives, yet parents know hardly anything about Ms. Hunter.

She appears to have never given an interview, rarely has her photograph taken, and is almost never quoted.  Type her name in a search engine and prepare to be underwhelmed.

It is this same Ms. Hunter who obviously has given up on covering news for kids.

In the past, Channel One reporters routinely posted blog reports on channelone.com, but even emailing in a blog report is too strenuous for Emily Report, Keith Kocinski, Tom Hanson, Arielle Hixson, Azia Celestino, and Demetrius Pipkin.

Here is a screen shot from today’s (July 5) blog page:


May 14!?  It appears that every segment of Channel One’s “digital presence” is being unplugged and unsupported.


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