Channel One News allows Iron Man director to promote his movie on taxpayer time. (2010)

July 29, 2017

Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man 2, opens the May 7, 2010 Channel One News show.  Channel One News has a long history of allowing advertisers to co-host their daily, classroom TV show. This is meant to be confusing to students. What is a commercial? What is the “news”? Channel One kiddie marketers have tremendous power to mix advertiser messages into various parts of their program. Thousands of schools have ended their contracts with Channel One News because of their irresponsible and reckless advertising assault on students.


From Jim Metrock:  It’s 2017 and there is a good reason that Channel One News steadfastly refuses to publish the list of advertisers on its controversial, classroom TV show.

No parent, no educator, no school administrator, no citizen is allowed to know what is being advertised to the students in their community.  That is a secret.  Channel One would tell you that what they advertise to children is between Channel One News and the children.  Parents need to butt out and stop asking questions.

Channel One News well knows that they will be criticized if people learn who their advertisers are.  For years, Channel One News advertised one junk food product after another.  When an M&Ms commercial ended, Channel One would run a Snickers ad.  When students finished watching a Pepsi commercial on Channel One, they would then see a commercial urging them to eat more Hostess Twinkies.  Obligation, Inc. found out about these ads and told the public.  Channel One lost millions of student viewers because of these junk food ads.

Channel One was also hurt badly when Obligation told the world about their movie ads that normalized and glamorized teen drinking and drug usage.  Use our search engine to see the proof.

As the 2017-18 school year starts, good, caring, and academically-centered school districts will NOT be inviting Channel One News back to campus.

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