We’ll give you three… er, two minutes.

August 30, 2017

From Jim Metrock: Channel One has never been popular in Massachusetts.  Does the name “Billerica” sound familiar?

It’s hilarious how the Dudley-Charlton school district in Dudley, MA “honors” their Channel One contract.

Channel One’s contract states:

4) The School agrees to receive the Channel One News programs from Channel One and to show the entire daily newscast to students enrolled in grades six and above. The School will show Channel One News at a time or times of its choosing, provided that (1) Channel One News must be shown on at least 90% of the days that school is in session and Channel One News is broadcast, (2) Channel One News must be shown when students are present and seated in a homeroom or classroom setting (i.e. not before school, after school or during lunch)

T0 which these school administrators say: why don’t we compromise. Channel One your TV show is 12 minutes long.  How about let’s agree to show 2 minutes of it. Does that work for you?  

Well, that doesn’t work for Channel One because that means the students will not see any advertising.  That will upset the advertisers (if they ever find out) and that will lower Channel One’s ad revenue.  But Channel One can’t do anything about it.  They can’t call up this district’s superintendent Gregg Desto and demand that he carve out 10 more minutes of academic time so the students can watch more commercials.  There is nothing that Channel One can do to punish those who disregard their contract.  In the past the company could threaten to take away TV equipment, that can’t be done anymore.

Strangely, Channel One News is probably happy as can be that this school is watching at least 2 minutes. After all the vast majority of American secondary public schools show zero minutes of Channel One.

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