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Judy Harris

March 15, 2005

PRIMEDIA press release: PRIMEDIA Names Judy L. Harris President & Chief Executive Officer of Channel One NEW YORK, NY (March 09, 2005) — PRIMEDIA, Inc. (PRM) The country’s leading targeted media company, today announced the appointment of Judy L. Harris as President & Chief Executive Officer of Channel One, the largest source of news and information for young people...
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Channel One Shows Promotional Clips Of Violent PG13 Movie To Middle School Students

June 12, 2003

From Jim Metrock: Any independent observer of Channel One News over the last two years would be perplexed at some of the absolutely idiotic decisions made by their programming VP, Morgan Wandell. By definition if you work for Channel One News you are a “lightweight.” Important people work elsewhere. It was Wandell that told his news anchors...
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Channel One Runs Provocative Ad For Children – How Scummy Can Channel One News Get?

November 19, 2002

On October 28, Channel One executives must have chuckled to themselves as they broadcast an Old Spice commercial that contained a not-too-subtle sexual reference. Children see a young man wheeling down a hallway delivering mail to various offices. He comes to a door marked “Madison Saunders, Executive V.P.”. He knows this executive is a beautiful woman. He then...
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Why Are These Men Smiling?

May 2, 2002
Why Are These Men Smiling?

You would too if you received the money they do from Channel One. There is an obesity crisis among our children yet these three are happy to do whatever they can to keep Pepsi and Twinkie commercials in classrooms. “Deal with it, kid,” they might tell an unfortunate student in a school with Channel One. Violence a...
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