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Channel One Flirts With R-Rating – “Just This Side Of An R-Rating”

February 18, 2002

For years, Channel One reviewed R-rated movies for children on their web site. They would encourage children to write their own reviews of violent and raunchy movies like “How To Be A Player” and “Kiss The Girls.” That ended because of pressure from Obligation, but now their is an alarming new trend on the in-school Channel One News....
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Channel One Rains Down More Violent Entertainment On Children

February 10, 2002

This is from an article Obligation wrote for a Midwest newspaper. “A movie of such rank stupidity and appalling taste that it would seem impermeable to analysis, much less critique.” OREGONIAN “Loud, violent, mindless” DALLAS MORNING NEWS These are a few of the more charitable reviews for “Rollerball” an ultra-violent and profanity-filled movie that premiered on...
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