Lardner Middle School wins first Wastin’ School Time and Tax Dollars Award

January 13, 2012

We have a winner!

Four Wastin’ School Time and Tax Dollars awards will be given out each school year by Obligation. The first winner is Lardner Middle School in the Niles Community School District in Niles, Michigan.

Lardner beat out several other schools. Other schools nominated for the first award were:

Avon Middle School North, Avon, Indiana

Clark Middle School, Laredo, TX
Powdersville Middle School, Greenville, SC

Goza Middle School, Arkadelphia, AR

Castle Dome Middle School, Yuma, AZ


What won it for Lardner was this paragraph on their website:


From the Lardner Middle School's student handbook. Advertisers cannot ask for more from the Niles Community School district. Channel One as curriculum?? There is no local control over the content of Channel One. Niles administrators are saying their curriculum is whatever comes on next the TV screen. These administrators have no problem with an hour of their weekly curriculum being supplied by a youth marketing firm. (Note: The school mistakenly says Channel One is 10 minutes long. It is at least 12. That indicates administrators are unfamiliar with this portion of their bizarre "curriculum."


Lardner Middle School wins a $250 cash prize.  All that has to be done to claim the cash award is to give Obligation time at a regularly scheduled school board meeting to present the award and check to the school principal or the school board president or the district superintendent. We hope Lardner claims their award. They sure have earned it.

Obligation will start nominating schools for the second Wastin’ Time & Tax Dollars award soon.


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