Complete, unedited Channel One News for October 1, 2002

March 30, 2012

The purpose of many advertisements on Channel One News is to make students feel terrible about themselves. The ads tell students they are incomplete in some way and that this can be solved by purchasing a product. This is an Oxy Treatment ad that runs twice on the October 1, 2002 program. It is animated so it looks like it will be humorous, but the message is brutal. "You are ugly if you have acne." One pimple makes you "disgusting." Watch this ad and hear the man tell the girl that the one pimple - that he needs a magnifying glass to see - is disgusting. Of course this makes the girl "disgusting." If a young person wants to stop being disgusting to his or her friends, the answer is a purchase away. Students forced to watch Channel One News during school are told over and over again how pathetic they are. Check out the Acuvue commercials on Channel One.

Channel One News: You’re a loser if you wear glasses. (Acuvue contact lens commercials)


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