Maggie Rulli

April 30, 2012


From Jim Metrock:

I was thinking that the mysterious Australian named Josh Zepps, who occasionally shows up on Channel One News, would be a new reporter/anchor on the show. But last week Zepps introduced Maggie Rulli as a new Channel One reporter.  Ms. Rulli quickly gets reporter billing on Channel One’s website. (below)

List of reporters as of April 28, 2012.


There may be several reporters leaving at the end of the school year so Josh Zepps may join Maggie Rulli as the core of a new lineup.

Since I pondered the ages of the other reporters, I will make a fairly safe guess that Maggie Rulli is 24 based on the fact she enrolled at Boston College in 2006.  Last Wednesday when Mr. Zepps was welcoming Rulli to the show, he was introducing someone about ten years younger than he is. Mr. Zepps’ age and his painfully forced silliness may keep him from getting a permanent job at Channel One News – which would be his best career move ever.

I have seen no press release about Ms. Rulli joining Channel One. There probably won’t be one. That’s how Channel One treats its on-air personalities. The job they have is not even considered a big deal to the company itself.

Ms. Rulli is not a journalist and I don’t think she even wants to pretend to be one. She has been a “spokesmodel” for various companies, an NBC page, and a host on The Pulse Network (New Marketing Labs). This “network” is much like Channel One in that both are more concerned with marketing than anything else. Ms. Rulli is a perfect fit for Channel One. She knows how to sell and evidently has no problem commercially exploiting a captive audience of schoolchildren.



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