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August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

From Jim Metrock: Channel One News promotes R-rated movies, they just don’t do it directly. Here’s an example: Channel One advertises on their in-classroom TV show their sister company Young people who signin to agree to receive emails from the company. I did this in 2008 and started receiving emails like the one featured in this 2008 article below:


From Jim Metrock:

What an ugly coincidence. A day after I wrote about Channel One News airing their bizarre “Rectal Experiment” commercial in middle schools promoting their sister Alloy Media and Marketing company, I receive an email from promoting Alloy’s newest sex/drug/alcohol movie for young people called Sex Drive.

Notice that Alloy tells me (they think I am a teen or preteen) that I am receiving this Sex Drive ad because I signed up with

Why do these people feel it is OK to send me (a 13-year-old as far as they know) information about a sex movie?

Let me be blunt. The people at Alloy and Channel One News are nicely dressed, articulate, fairly wealthy THUGS.

No decent adult would trick kids into signing up for help in getting tuition and then use that personally identifiable information to market soft core porn to those same young people.

I have written both Mr. Haehl, Channel One’s CEO, and Dr. Paul Folkemer, the VP of Education, to cease all ads for and any indirect or direct advertising of the movie Sex Drive. If they respond (and neither men ever do) I will publish their comments.

This movie is an Alloy product. Alloy has a terrible track record of publishing books and TV shows with strong sexual content for teens and preteens. They do all this sleazy stuff because they want to make MONEY. These people don’t care about the damage to kids. They don’t care how coarse their content is.

This is what we have: Channel One is relentlessly plugging their sister company on their classroom TV show and on their website is helping to plug their sister company (and Channel One’s) Alloy Entertainment, which has allowed Summit Entertainment to produce their sex comedy script Sex Drive. Everyone at Alloy, especially at Channel One News, are working together for one purpose: to sell more Sex Drive tickets to teens and preteens.

The movie is rated R. From early articles about the movie, it appears to be a HARD “R”. The MPAA rating for Sex Drive reads: “R- Restricted – Strong Crude and Sexual Content, Nudity, Language, Some Drug and Alcohol Use – All Involving Teens.”

I am angry. Alloy Media and Marketing is of course a marketing company. All marketing companies know that “sex sells.” What is different and totally disgusting about Alloy is they are selling sexual content to kids. You can’t get lower, unless of course you are helping to normalize alcohol and drug use among teens. Alloy is doing that too.

Demand that your school end their Channel One service now. Do what the best schools in our country have done: Throw Channel One News into the dumpster where they will feel at home with the stench.

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