Wasting tax money: Was this video shown in schools?

September 16, 2012

Angela Hunter is the Executive Producer of Channel One News. It’s OK to occasionally dance at work, but do you have to force 5 million schoolchildren to watch you?

From Jim Metrock: Channel One’s Executive Producer published this video in 2010. Even though it was made available to the public, I didn’t discover it until recently.

The video is below. At first it appears to be nothing more than a funny, tongue in cheek video made by fellow Channel One News employees to send their best wishes to their executive producer Angela Hunter. Various people at Channel One are filmed wishing Ms. Hunter well on her upcoming 2010 marriage. But as the film goes on there are disturbing indications that this video or parts of it may have been shown on the Channel One News in-classroom TV show.

[Channel One has aired numerous goofy videos during their TV show. The purpose of these are to fill up time on the show and to try to make Channel One reporters more likable. An example is what we call Welcome to Kumariland. This is an entire section of Channel One’s show that was devoted to following anchor Jessica Kumari around her neighborhood. Students had to watch her eat her favorite frozen yogurt and try on dresses. Another example: Silly tee-shirt time. and again. Check out our archives for more instances of nonsensical videos on Channel One News.]

I have email Channel One’s CEO Kent Haehl and VP Paul Folkemer and asked them if this “wedding shout out” video was shown in whole or in part on the Channel One News TV program. They have not replied.

Other evidence that this was shown in classrooms: Channel One actually did post a news report about the wedding of their producer on Channelone.com, and  the video is aimed both at Angela Hunter and at students. Also a person says on the video that hopefully a video of the wedding itself can be shown in schools, implying this video was being shown in schools. The talk about a news report about “sexting while driving” has some truth to it. Channel One did a report about sexting about the time of this video.

In the video you will see the rarely-seen Kent Haehl himself. There are hardly any pictures of him on the web. He is the one towards the end with a scruffy beard.  This is the man that decides what will be advertised to children during their school day.

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