CJ Kettler closes the doors at Genius Crowds. Channel One News next?

June 15, 2013


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C. J. Kettler, Channel One’s current CEO

From Jim Metrock:

In February Channel One removed Kent Haehl from his CEO position because he couldn’t turn the company around. Each year under his “leadership” Channel One went further into the abyss. (Mr. Haehl is now “CRO” of the company. I believe this means Chief Risk Officer . I don’t believe there has ever been a CRO at Channel One before.)

[Note:  I have been informed in July, 2013 that Mr. Haehl is Chief REVENUE Officier not Chief Risk Officer. He becomes the first ever Chief Revenue Officer at Channel One.]

Now in the summer of 2013 Channel One is trying to repackage itself as “The New Channel One.”  They have hired C.J. Kettler as the new CEO. The company expects her to reenergize the firm and to reverse the decade long slide in ad sales and school participation. 

I don’t understand why Ms. Kettler was picked for this job. I don’t see anything in her work history to suggest she can successfully manage an Internet media company – which appears to be what Channel One is wanting to call itself now.

In 2007 there was much praise for the skills she brought to Travelzoo.com when Ms. Kettler was named president.  Eight months later Travelzoo announced that she would be leaving the company “effective immediately.” Yipes. That didn’t work out well.

Later in 2010 Ms. Kettler started an Internet company called Genius Crowds. Her efforts to get make the company a go finally ended a few weeks ago.   Nobody, even people who have had success running Internet-based businesses, will be able to make Channel One a profitable company.  I do not envy Ms. Kettler as she takes on her biggest challenge to date. 


CJ Kettler is hired to aggressively grow Travelzoo. Nov. 9, 2007

CJ Kettler is hired to aggressively grow Travelzoo. Nov. 9, 2007

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Eight months later…

CJ Kettler steps down at Travelzoo 2008

CJ Kettler can’t get job done at Travelzoo. June 18, 2008

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genuis crowd closed may 2013

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genius crowd out of business

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