Correction: Kent Haehl

July 15, 2013
One of the rare pictures on the Internet of the camera shy Kent Haehl.

Kent Haehl -Chief REVENUE Officer of Channel One

From Jim Metrock:  

On June 15, 2013, in an article about Channel One’s new CEO Ms. C.J. Kettler’s less than stellar business background, I mentioned that  I thought Kent Haehl’s new position at the company – simply listed as “CRO” on Haehl’s Linkedin public profile – stood for Chief Risk Officer. That was incorrect. Mr. Haehl is Channel One’s first ever Chief Revenue Officer.

Chief Revenue Officer“?  It sounds like a fancy name for a Sales Manager or VP of Sales. Mr. Haehl has done such work before. 

When I try to think of revenue streams for Channel One, I find myself drawing a blank.  Their ad revenue from the in-classroom TV show Channel One News has to be continually shrinking as more and more schools refuse to waste school time with the program.

Will Channel One generate a large amount of revenue selling subscriptions ($200 per classroom per year?! That’s a nonstarter.) to its ad-free TV show for elementary and secondary schools?  Don’t think so.  What school would actually PAY MONEY to keep Channel One and all its controversy in its classrooms? There will be some who will pay but not enough to generate any appreciable revenue.

Poor Kent Haehl. After being removed from his CEO position in February he was named Channel One’s Chief Revenue Officier. That’s a lot like being named Chief Safety Officier for the Titanic after the ship hit the iceberg.



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