Kocinski, Hanson, Evans, and Rulli

August 17, 2014

From Jim Metrock: Kocinski, Hanson, Evans, and Rulli Sounds like a law firm.  Unfortunately, these young people didn’t choose the law for a career.  They chose instead to earn a paycheck by commercially exploiting schoolchildren.

These are the remaining reporters for Houghton Mifflin’s  Channel One News.  Shelby Holliday as I reported before left Channel One News for a job in the legitimate news business – Bloomberg TV. These four will be the main ones providing filler material between Channel One’s commercials.

Speaking of lawyers, of these four, I think Tom Hanson and Maggie Rulli probably have an agent.   If I were them I would sue my agent for negligence.  Channel One is not the place you want to be working in the fall of 2014.     remaining reporters

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