A company that doesn’t know how to spell its own name.

August 9, 2015

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From Jim Metrock:  There are so many things wrong with SkoolLive that I hate to bring up this minor point.  

Normally, a lot of thought is put into the name of a business.  Why SkoolLive chose to misspell “school” is their concern.  However I do find it interesting that company employees are confused about their own spelling and presentation of the company’s name.


On its website, the company refers to itself as “SkoolLive” using one word with a capital “L”.

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But in their logo they split the name of the company into two words: Skool Live.


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Yet on their Facebook page they use both “SkoolLive” and “Skoollive” (no capital “L”).

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I originally used “SkoolLive” in articles about the company, but no more.  The company’s contract with schools contains only one form of the name and that is “Skoollive.”  You would think the attorney who wrote the contract would know the proper name.  So from now on I will use “Skoollive.”  No matter how you write it, this company is capital “D”- Doomed.

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