“I don’t think we would be gaining very much from this at all.”

January 29, 2016

From Jim Metrock:  Last year I posted an article about Skoollive being rejected by Plattsmouth, Nebraska public schools.  I found this longer article about the vote.  A quote by board member Karen Parsons may be helpful to other school board members across the country.

“I seriously don’t see how this would help us,” Karen Parsons, board member, said. “I don’t think we would be gaining very much from this at all.”

I want to make it easy for any school board member or school administrator or parent to find out about Skoollive.  Often the idea of putting Skoollive’s electronic billboards in schools comes up out of the blue and people only hear Skoollive’s sales pitch.

Skoollive exists mainly to bring advertising into schools.




School board votes against digital kiosk proposal

November 10, 2015 3:11 pm  •  

PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth Board of Education members voted against a proposal that would have placed multiple digital kiosks in the middle and high schools.

Board members declined to enter into an agreement with SkoolLive, LLC, for the proposed kiosk message boards Monday night. The board voted 5-3 against the project. Mary Caverzagie, Matt Glup and Cory Wehrbein voted to accept the proposal and Tony Foster, Don Freeburg, Nancy Lowery, Karen Parsons and Ken Winters voted against it. Mike Brodersen was absent.

California-based SkoolLive, LLC, had proposed to install a kiosk system consisting of 1-12 digital message boards throughout the two school buildings. The company would have placed rectangular digital screens on school walls in high-traffic locations such as cafeterias and building entrances.

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