Channel One asks middle schoolers: Do you think it’s disrespectful not to stand during the national anthem?

August 31, 2016

Controversial Channel One News and their Values-Neutral editorializing.


Controversial Channel One News continues to promote their value-neutral philosophy.


No absolutes at Channel One News.


Nothing is right or wrong, nothing is acceptable or unacceptable.  It all depends on what YOU think and the social context in which the decision is made.

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Only 3 people “liked” this post on Channel One’s Facebook page. The first comment above is not by a middle or high school student but by a college-student. That’s a creepy part of Channel One’s social media presence: Older students and full grown adults hanging out with the few remaining children on the site.


From Channel One’s Hall of Shame:  Kids, do you think abortion should be legal or illegal?

Channel One News asks children if it’s a “big deal” to lie.

Channel One normalizes cheating for students forced to watch their controversial TV show.

Should you be able to make money from cheating?


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