La Porte High School (IN) encourages students to sign up for debit cards

September 18, 2017

SkoolLive brags about advertising debit cards to secondary school students.

From Jim Metrock:  It’s a bit unusual for a high school to actively encourage students to apply for a debit card. Not sayin’ it hasn’t been done before, but… the La Porte High School in Indiana (not the Texas school by the same name) appears to be breaking new ground.

It’s even stranger that the school administrators at La Porte High School in Indiana are apparently plugging only one financial institution’s products.  Do companies in this Indiana community vie to become the “official” bank, doughnut shop, or wireless carrier for the local schools?

Purdue Federal Credit Union has a really good looking debit card that will certainly catch the eye of the student body.  The school’s team is called the  Slicers and the debit card is decked out in Slicer orange.  This is a must-have for all students, at least Purdue Federal hopes so.

How irresponsible is this for the La Porte Comunity School Corporation to be pushing debit cards?  Since this is the second year Purdue Federal has been advertising on SkoolLive’s electronic billboards at La Porte High, the school board must be supportive of this type of financial marketing to the students in their charge.

I bet the La Porte High School principal Ben Tonagel, School Board President Mark Kosior, and Superintendent Mark Franceconi are justifying pushing debit cards on kids, by saying it will teach them financial responsibility. I just wonder if there is any downside?

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