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Material Girls

October 26, 2005
Material Girls

Madonna is using taxpayers again to help Maverick, her record and movie company. Schoolchildren watched what appeared to be a public service announcement. It was a PSA but it included a shameless plug for a new Maverick movie co-produced by Madonna – the original “Material Girl.” Maverick is Madonna’s own record label and movie production company. It is a...
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One Minute And Fourteen Seconds

April 14, 2004

“The Calling” Advertisement – March 19, 2004 This video clip is taken from Channel One News, March 19, 2004. This is one continuous clip. It is 1 minute and 14 seconds long. Anyone that has access to a calculator, please multiply 8,000,000 (students under contract to C1N) times 74 seconds. How many student hours is that? This particular show...
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Channel One Shows Promotional Clips Of Violent PG13 Movie To Middle School Students

June 12, 2003

From Jim Metrock: Any independent observer of Channel One News over the last two years would be perplexed at some of the absolutely idiotic decisions made by their programming VP, Morgan Wandell. By definition if you work for Channel One News you are a “lightweight.” Important people work elsewhere. It was Wandell that told his news anchors...
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Santa Rita Principal Could Be On The Hot Seat

April 30, 2002

Madonna owns a recording company, Maverick Records, and they are an advertiser on Channel One News. C1 partnered with Maverick to get one of their new artists some publicity to help her new CD. The plan was simple: find a principal that would agree to host a concert for Maverick’s Michelle Branch and allow Channel One to film...
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