“Will not be considered” Ha ha.

June 21, 2012

Channel One’s hilarious updated list of things they will not advertise. This is NOT a list of things they have never advertised. They have advertised many of the things listed. (June 2012)


From Jim Metrock: ┬áChannel One News says they will not advertise high sugar/caffeine drinks. That’s kinda true and sort of a lie. So typical of this youth marketing firm. Check out these articles about Channel One’s sly way of giving Red Bull a lot of screen time in high schools and middle schools.


Channel One’s anchor/pitchman Justin Finch purposefully walks by the Red Bull logo as he gets out of the Red Bull plane.



As recently as this March Channel One News was promoting Red Bull (but of course they can technically say they did not air a Red Bull commercial).


So E. vii on Channel One’s list is sadly misleading. Draw a line through that one and we’ll look at other things on Channel One’s hilarious “will not be considered” list later.


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