Channel One News brings back Maggie to fill up air time.

September 8, 2017

Channel One News reruns old stories from Maggie Rulli.

From Jim Metrock:

The big star this week on Channel One News was Maggie Rulli.  Maggie Rulli!?

Didn’t she quit Channel One News over a year ago?

This is how Channel One works: if a news subject is somewhat timely, and Channel One has some old videos on that subject, they will simply replay the old footage (cheap) and not send employees to create a new story (expensive).  Ms. Rulli had three long stories this week about nuclear weapons, each 5 minutes in length.  These are extremely long video segments for Channel One.  5 minutes is basically half the show.

No telling how many times these same stories have been replayed on Channel One News since Rulli first made them in 2014.

Increasingly, the Channel One News in-classroom TV show is made up of cheaper, filler stories.  Fillers can be feature stories of a teen doing a good thing.  That type of story is much less expensive to film than covering a current news event.  Using previously aired stories is another way to fill up time.

Channel One has created numerous other inexpensive ways to fill up air time, like a segment called the Next Big Thing.  This is where Channel One will use footage provided by a manufacturer of a new product to introduce the product to students, and then students are asked, “Is this the next big thing?”  Then Channel One instructs students to film a video response to that question and send it to Channel One’s studio. Channel One then selects one video of a class yelling that.”It is the next big thing” and another video of a class yelling, “It is not the next big thing!”

And of course, Channel One News will air both videos on their show. Giving. Them. Even. More. Filler material. (sigh)

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