Channel One News: The company that brought junk food advertising into American classrooms

March 1, 2014

Channel One News has helped cause the youth obesity crisis.


channel one news king of junk food advertising in schools


From Jim Metrock:  Channel One News has a long history of advertising junk food in American classrooms.  The company knew their ads were contributing in a very significant way to the growing obesity crisis among young people, but they kept pitching the junk to kids.  

Obligation and others helped put pressure on advertisers and nearly all junk food ads on Channel One News disappeared by 2006.

I didn’t think I would ever again see Channel One ever risk advertising junk food to students, but I was wrong. I didn’t take into account Ms. CJ Kettler.  She is the current Channel One News CEO.  On her watch sugar-loaded SunnyD orange drink is now being advertised to the students in schools that still have the Channel One News service.  

Boo! on you, Ms. Kettler and everybody who works at Channel One News who benefits from the SunnyD ad revenue.

This past week Channel One did a news story on the First Lady’s call for removing junk food ads from American schools. Did Channel One mention their role in advertising junk food in schools?  Nah.  Students don’t need to know that.  What a phony news organization. 


CJ Kettler slams kids with more junk food ads.




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