Channel One News has dished out a lot of violence to middle school kids.

December 24, 2012
Publicity still from the Channel One News-advertised movie Chronicles

Publicity still from the Channel One News-advertised movie Chronicle (2012).


Channel One News has a long, disgusting history of advertising movies and TV shows with violent content. And using violent images to even sell products like Mountain Dew and Mug Root Beer. Here is just a sampling of their recklessness.

During the holidays it is a good time for all of us to count our blessings. One blessing that many parents and educators are thankful for is the ever mounting number of schools that are continuing to turn off Channel One News.  Teens and preteens – and certainly elementary school children – don’t need  what Channel One and their new partner Promethean are selling.

Children need less violence in their world. They need zero Channel One.

Take a look at the two horror movies, filled with violence, Channel One and Promethean advertised to kids just this fall.


9/21/12  Channel One News sells horror and violence to middle school students

8/29/12   The madness continues in American classrooms. Channel One News dumps another horror movie on kids.

8/25/12   Explain this, Channel One.

8/14/12   Channel One’s first day: Massive ad campaign for Hunger Games DVD/ Blu-ray

3/22/12   Channel One News pitches Red Bull and violent video games to middle schoolers

11/12/11   More on Channel One advertising Hulk Hogan’s violent video game.

11/8/11   Channel One News and Promethean bring punching Hulk Hogan into classrooms…

1/24/11  Channel One News is Number Zero for advertising this movie

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6/12/03   Channel One Shows Promotional Clips Of Violent PG13 Movie To Middle School Students

05/11/03   PG-13 Ads Back In Middle Schools

11/3/02   Channel One’s Latest Horror PSA Brings Gun Violence Into Classrooms

10/10/02  Another Violent Movie Gets Promoted In America’s Classrooms

2/18/02   Channel One Flirts With R-Rating – “Just This Side Of An R-Rating”

2/10/02   Channel One Rains Down More Violent Entertainment On Children

5/27/00  West Palm Beach School Shooting

10/25/99   Channel One Advertises Unbelievably Violent Movie to Captive Audience of Children

4/16/98  Channel One News reviews explicit rapper C-Murder’s Life or Death CD

1998  Channel One News Hall of Shame: Using violence to sell root beer

12/12/97   Channel One News reviews Scream 2 for children

11/21/97   Channel One News reviews R-rated Kiss The Girls for children

3/20/97   Channel One Ad Promotes Most Violent Network Show

11/3/00   New Discovery Concerning A Violent Movie Pushed By Channel One

2/2/98  Students See Baby Shot In The Face On Channel One


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